Success Stories

See How Small Businesses and Brokers Grow With Bizcap

How a Spud Farmer Made $400,000 With Bizcap’s Help. The Alternative: Losing Everything
Planting season was almost over and Nicole, strapped for cash, couldn’t get spuds into the ground. When her bank wouldn’t help, she turned to Bizcap.
‘The Meat Game’s Ruthless’: How Bizcap Loans Helped a Butcher Shop Make Ends Meet
How a Bizcap Loan Helped Drive a Double-Digit Increase in Revenue at a Bakery-Café
The husband and wife owners fast-tracked renovations and purchased new equipment, driving increased sales.
Bizcap Added $250K to an Existing Loan, Enabling a Fashion Wholesaler to Capitalise on a Surge in Sales
Facing an inventory shortfall, a fashion wholesaler secured Bizcap funding and enjoyed a prosperous Christmas sales period.
As Income Stalled, This Plumber Leveraged a Bizcap Loan to Pay Wages and Suppliers
“We probably wouldn’t still be around if it wasn't for the loans and help we got from Bizcap,” said the small business owner.
How Bizcap’s Fast Funding Empowered a Developer to Snag a New Property
A race against time, a call to Bizcap and an $800K loan funded that day. Discover how Bizcap’s unbeatable speed opened doors for a Sydney business owner.
How This Book Shop Diversified Its Inventory To Capture New Customers
Briar Simmons turned the page on traditional lenders, growing her business with Bizcap's help.
How a Mechanical Workshop Overcame Cash Flow Issues With a Bizcap Loan
Aaron was unsatisfied with his business bank, so he turned to Bizcap, where he found great service and fast access to cash.
How Bizcap Helped a Telco Ride Out the Delayed COVID Wave
A Telecom business deemed essential during COVID faced a delayed impact. Bizcap's flexible loans supported cash flow, proving highly valuable.
How a Bizcap Loan Breathed Life Into Marco’s Dying Toy Store
Marco’s business had hit rock bottom, but with the help of a Bizcap loan, it got back on track and doubled in size.
This Show Bag Business Nearly Doubled Its Turnover With Bizcap Loans
With help from Bizcap, this show bag business has been able to thrive, despite the global pandemic and changing market conditions.
How Bizcap Helped This Bricklayer Build His Business and Bring On New Staff
This experienced bricklayer went out on his own, using Bizcap's help to build his business and lay solid foundations for the future.
How a 50-Year-Old Sheet Metal Business Survived COVID With Bizcap’s Help
COVID-19 hit lots of businesses hard. One of the many that suffered was a 50-year-old sheet metal business which was forced to find funding to help with their cashflow.
How Bizcap Helped This Aussie Beauty Business Expand Into the US
Caitlin Turner's small business came to a near stand still during Covid. Her business grew exponentially after quickly pivoting to expansion into US markets with the assistance of Bizcap.
This Luxury Retailer Found Big Money Can Come Without a Big Headache
Powering new retail stores in the midst of a pandemic seems insane. But not for Bizcap, whose flexible and supportive approach fueled this business's growth.
How A1 Fitness Supplies Seized a New Business Opportunity With Bizcap’s Help
In challenging times, dreaming big is crucial for businesses like A1 Fitness Supplies, who utilized Bizcap funding to triple their revenue.
How Bizcap Helped a Metal Recycler After Traditional Lenders Rejected Him
Bizcap helped S & M Metals build resilience and grow, demonstrating the importance of flexible finance in small business continuity.
How Bizcap Funding Put a Logistics Company on the Road to Success
Bizcap's tailored funding transforms a $500,000 logistics firm into a $2.5 million success story in a year.
How This Food Business Rode Out Cash Flow Struggles and Came Out on Top
Traditional banks wouldn't help, but with Bizcap's flexible lending, this small business owner tackled urgent repairs and invested in new equipment.
How Strutt Fashion Seized an Opportunity To Buy Great Stock at a Discount
Business owner Maxine Dosen has used Bizcap loans on various occasions to grow her business and seize opportunities as they arise.
How a Fencing Business Grew Despite Its Poor Credit Score
Julius' Fencing Company had ambitious goals, and with the help of a Bizcap-facilitated loan, they were able to grow their revenue by 700%.
How Bizcap Helped a Bike Retailer Reinvigorate His Online Store
Bizcap took a step-by-step approach with Paul's bike stores, funding one loan at a time as he showed good cash flow management.