In a challenging environment where small business owners often face tough conditions, the journey of Briar Simmons who transformed herself from an entrepreneur to a bookstore owner stands out. Founder of Xanadu Book Exchange, Briar has spent nearly a decade navigating her way through various obstacles in her business venture. Her recent achievements however have come from her partnership with Bizcap and how a SME Business Loan has transformed her business into a multi-store enterprise.

About Xanadu Book Exchange

Xanadu Book Exchange (XBE) has been serving its local community for nearly a decade. Founded by Briar Simmons, Xanadu Book Exchange offers an array of books, puzzles, DVDs, games and collectibles. It was created with a simple yet powerful vision in mind, to provide a space where people could relax and unwind.

XBE’s Challenge

With online orders increasing during COVID, Briar sought after funding to ensure her community could continue to access the items she offered, even during uncertain times. But when she sought financial support to expand her business, traditional lenders turned her away, despite her long-standing relationship with a major bank in New Zealand spanning over 40 years. Even with her successful track record of owning a house and three businesses, she found herself unable to secure the funding she needed. Frustrated but undeterred, she turned to Google in search of an alternative and found New Zealand's most open-minded lender, Bizcap.

Bizcap’s Solution

Learning about Bizcap’s point of difference, Briar was optimistic after submitting her details. Connecting with Liam, one of Bizcap’s Loan Specialists. He was able to address and solve various challenges faced by Briar’s business, including:

  • Rapid Funding: Bizcap delivered fast funding within the day.
  • Alternative to traditional lenders: Briar was able to secure a loan after being rejected by her major bank of 40 years.

Bizcap’s support had a profound impact on Xanadu Book Exchange. It allowed Briar to procure fresh stock, diversify her inventory, and attract a wider customer base. This partnership with Bizcap came at a pivotal moment, aligning perfectly with the demand in her local area. With over 11,000 houses springing up in the previously rural town, Papamoa was undergoing remarkable growth, translating into an increase in Xanadu Book Exchange’s customer base. 

XBE’s Transformation

Briar’s journey, which began at a market stall selling books, has now evolved into a thriving multi-store enterprise. The transformation of Xanadu Book Exchange is a testament to her vision, determination, and the support she received from Bizcap.

As Briar continues to steer her business towards success, her vision for Xanadu Book Exchange remains crystal clear. With 6 more years on XBE’s lease and the continued support with Bizcap, she plans to acquire three large warehouses, further expanding her stock variety. What began as a market stall selling books has evolved into a thriving multi-store enterprise.

Briar’s Testimonial

In Briar Simmons own words, “Bizcap has been the driving force behind our growth. Their support came at a critical time, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Bizcap understood our dreams and challenges, and their financial solutions brought our ambitious projects to life.”

Final Thoughts

Briar Simmons remarkable journey with Bizcap serves as a reminder that unconventional solutions can lead to unparalleled success. In a time when major banks and traditional lenders are tightening their lending policies, non-bank lenders like Bizcap continue to support businesses across all industries.

If you’re a small business owner seeking funds to kickstart a venture, navigate growth, or explore new opportunities, Bizcap’s open-minded approach to lending is here to transform your aspirations into reality. Contact us today at 1300 922 223 or apply for a business loan by clicking here.