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Does Your Business Need Funds to Plug Cash Flow Gaps or Grow?

Running your own business can be tough. Lengthy invoicing periods, customers delaying payments, clients going bust – these kind of challenges can strike a serious blow to your income. And yet, the expenses remain: staff salaries, supplies, bills, rent, the list goes on.

Then, when you apply for a loan you get knocked back. Financials aren’t up to scratch, you’ve got existing debt, no assets to use as collateral.

That’s what happened to Jake S., the owner of a plumbing business. But then, he found Bizcap. We understand that running a business is hard, and we don’t get deterred by bumps in the road. We offered Jake the necessary funds to pay his staff during a period of delayed income, and he paid back the loan once his next major project got underway. It saved his staff from losing their jobs, and it saved his business from going under.

Fast, Flexible Business Loans

With a commitment to saying “yes” more often, Bizcap lends to businesses across a range of industries, even if they’ve got existing loans or an imperfect credit score. What’s more, we work fast: apply in under 5 minutes and get approved in as little as 3 hours.

With Bizcap, the process was quick and no hassle at all

Aaron M.
Mechanical Workshop Owner

We can repay small amounts regularly and it doesn’t impact our cash flow

Bakery-Café Owners

The speed, the personable approach and the willingness to listen to the business owner rather than just the financials keep me coming back.

Jake S.
Plumbing Business Owner

Incredible customer service. Really impressed with the communication, speed and efficiency

Jessica Pelz
Broker, Local Loan Store

Bizcap's dedication to building long-term relationships with its clients ensures ongoing support and assistance beyond the initial funding, helping businesses thrive in the long run.

Tom Marshall
LMG Broker

Australia's Most Open-Minded Lender

Unlike other lenders, Bizcap looks beyond your financial statements to understand the story behind the challenges or opportunities you face. We understand that running a business is hard, so we don't get deterred by bumps in the road. Instead, we’ll actively seek out a way to support you.
Bad credit? Existing Loan? No Worries
Has your loan application been rejected due to a poor credit score or insufficient credit history? Perhaps the lender didn’t like the fact that you’ve got an existing loan?

Bizcap is committed to giving viable businesses a chance, even if they’ve been rejected by other lenders. We can make you a conditional offer without running a credit check, which means there’s no risk in applying.
Get Funds Fast
Applying for a business loan can be a long, drawn-out process requiring endless paper work. This can result in missed growth opportunities or failure to meet pressing financial needs. Traditional lenders simply don’t move at the pace of your business.

Bizcap understands that speed is of the essence. Our application form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and we offer same-day funding, supporting businesses in times of exciting growth or financial need.
Plug Cash Flow Gaps
Do you experience fluctuations in business that lead to periods of tight cash flow? These times can leave you struggling to pay wages or suppliers, which can damage your relationships and send business in a downward spiral.

With a fast business loan from Bizcap, you could smooth out your cash flow, ensuring bills are paid on time and relationships nurtured in the process.
Business Loans Made Simple
Don’t waste time and resources on the drawn-out process of applying for a loan with a lender that doesn’t understand your business.

With just some basic information, Bizcap can make you a conditional offer in as little as 3 hours.

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Despite a Low Credit Score, a Skincare Clinic Secured $12,000

The owner of a skincare and laser clinic needed funds urgently to pay for rent, equipment and staff wages but had been turned down by traditional lenders several times due to the business owner’s low credit score. She was on the verge of losing hope when she contacted Bizcap.

Unlike other lenders, Bizcap looks beyond the credit score and considers each business’s unique circumstances. After we verified that the business owner’s past defaults did not reflect her current conduct, Bizcap granted the business an initial $12,000 loan. The clinic’s clean repayment paved the road for receiving four further Bizcap loans, totalling $91,500.

With Bizcap’s financial support, the business was able to manage its cash flow issues. What’s more, each loan improved its credit score, thereby opening up future financing opportunities.

Existing Loan? No worries. How Bizcap Helped This Fashion Wholesaler Capitalise on a Peak Sales Period

Managing seasonal fluctuations in business can be difficult. Ahead of peak periods, wholesalers can experience an increase in purchase orders, but don’t yet have the funds to pay for the inventory required to fulfil them.

That was the case for a women’s fashion wholesaler who asked Bizcap to lend her funds on top of an existing loan.

Bizcap identified the earning potential of the growth opportunity at hand, and extended the small business $250,000 to capitalise on the peak sales period.

This Bakery-Café Drove a Double-Digit Rise in Revenue With Bizcap Loans

Many business owners lack funds to capitalise on growth opportunities. That was the case for a husband-and-wife team behind a bakery-café. They discovered Bizcap online, and quickly secured a $25,000 loan. Once they showed that they could reliably repay it, the duo secured a further $12,500 nine weeks later.

The business owners used the funds to purchase new equipment and renovate the premises, increasing its patron capacity. The upgrades – along with the positive online reviews that followed – directly led to double-digit gains in both sales and profit margins.

Our Solutions

If you are struggling to find funding, partner with Bizcap and you can start turning your business goals into reality. With Bizcap you can alleviate the stress associated with financial shortfalls with a fast business loan that allows you to get your business on track and focusing on what you do best.

Fast Business Loans

Alleviate cash flow constraints with fast access to funds.

Small Business Loans

Thinking of growing your business? Think Bizcap.

Secured Business Loans

Larger loans with flexible repayment terms.

Bridging Finance

Plug cash flow gaps at heavily reduced rates.

Line of Credit

Have funds at your fingertips whenever you need them.

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What type of loans does Bizcap offer?

Bizcap specialises in providing fast and flexible business loans to small and medium-sized businesses. Our solutions include Fast Business Loans, Small Business Loans, Secured Business Loans, Bridging Finance and Lines of Credit. Our loan sizes vary from $5,000 to $5,000,000 and Lines of Credit are available up to $300,000. Compare our solutions here.

How much can I borrow from Bizcap?

Bizcap offers business loans of $5,000 to $5,000,000 and Lines of Credit up to $300,000. To find out more about each of our loans, compare our solutions.

The specific amount of your business loan is influenced by factors like your business's cash flow, operational duration, assets, and loan purpose. We assess these aspects to gauge your business's health and creditworthiness.

Our aim is to offer customized loans that address each business's unique financial needs, minimizing risk for both parties. By thoroughly evaluating factors contributing to your business's financial health, we determine an appropriate loan amount and terms to support sustained growth and success.

How quickly can I get a business loan from Bizcap?

At Bizcap, we pride ourselves on providing fast and flexible business loans. Applications for a Bizcap Fast and Small Business Loans can be approved within 3 hours and funded that day. Our other solutions can be issued in as little 24 hours. If you need funds sooner, let your Loan Specialist know and they can fast track your application. This quick turnaround ensures our customers get access to the funds they need to meet their obligations and grow in a competitive market.

How quickly can I get funds into my account?

At Bizcap, we pride ourselves on providing fast and flexible business loans. Applications for a Bizcap Fast and Small Business Loans can be approved within 3 hours and funded that day. Our other solutions can be issued in as little 24 hours. If you need funds sooner, let our Loan Specialist (or Business Development Manager for partners) know and we can fast track your application.

Delays can occur when customers provide partial or inaccurate information or supporting documents. To ensure your loan is processed as quickly as possible, be sure to provide accurate and complete information.

How can Bizcap fund loans faster than other lenders?

Bizcap sets itself apart from other lenders in the speed at which we offer business loans. We can do because we are a direct lender and self-funded, which cuts the red tape that’s typically involved in processing loans, and thanks to our streamlined application, approval and end-to-end processes.

Traditional banks can often take weeks to provide an outcome for a business loan application. Non-bank lenders, while generally faster than banks, can still take several days to process fast business loans. In contrast, Bizcap can grant you access to the capital you need in less than 24 hours. This exceptional speed makes Bizcap the fastest business lender in Australia and New Zealand.

What can hold my business loan application up?

The key factor that can hold up your business loan application is delays in providing us with the necessary documentation. You need to submit your business bank statements as part of your online application, but after we have made you a conditional offer we may require further documentation. The sooner you can get that to us, the sooner we can issue you with a business loan.

Bizcap prides itself on being a low doc lender, meaning we require fewer documents for business loans than other lenders, including both banks and non-bank lenders. This streamlined approach enables us to expedite the business loan application process, but it is still essential for applicants to provide the requested documentation in a timely manner.

How does the process work?

We leverage our proprietary technology system and extensive underwriting experience to provide outside the box solutions. This lets us lend to customers who come from all walks of life and a multitude of industries.

After you complete your application (a simple form that includes your details and business bank statements), we assess your file without running a credit check and make you a conditional offer.

Once you’re happy with the loan terms and wish to proceed, we might gather some extra information, including a credit report, to make you an unconditional offer. Funds are often issued that day.

What are Bizcap’s rates and fees, and how are they determined?

We consider each applicant’s cash flow, payment history and financial strength to determine a risk-adjusted repayment plan that’s tailored to that applicant.

Payments are determined by factors such as the amount and consistency of the business’s cash flow, the number of years the business has been in operation, the assets owned by the business, and the proposed use of funds. We also charge an establishment fee on the loan, which is agreed upon upfront.

Unlike other lenders, we won’t penalise you for settling your loan early, if that’s what you choose to do. Instead, we’ll reward you for paying it off early, by giving you a discount.

What criteria do I need to meet to apply for a Bizcap loan?

At Bizcap, we have established minimum eligibility criteria to ensure that our business loans are accessible to a broad range of businesses. Each loan has different eligibility criteria.

For Bizcap Fast and Small Business Loans, you will need:
1. An active Australian Business Number (ABN). This demonstrates that your business is operating legally in Australia.
2. At least 4 months of trading. This helps us assess your business’s stability and potential for growth.
3. A monthly revenue of at least $12,000. This criterion helps us determine how much we can lend you, as well as your ability to manage and repay the loan.

By meeting these criteria, you can confidently apply for a fast business loan with Bizcap, knowing that our financial solutions are designed to support businesses like yours.

To find out the eligibility criteria for Bizcap Secured Business Loans, Bridging Finance and Line of Credit, please refer to the Eligibility section of our Compare Solutions table.

What factors affect the loan application approval?

Factors that affect whether or not your loan is approved include how long the business has been trading, its revenue history, assets and credit history. We also look at the business owner and various other factors to help us build a comprehensive profile of the applicant. It is thanks to this approach of truly getting to know the customer that Bizcap can help in ways that other lenders won’t.

What if I only need a business loan for a few weeks?

If you only need a loan for a few weeks, Bizcap can help by providing a loan that’s tailored to your needs and circumstances. Our business loans are a flexible solution to bridge cash flow gaps, make quick purchases, or address other short-term financial requirements.

We understand that businesses sometimes need short-term financial support, which is why we offer business loans with varying terms. If you know that you will only need a loan for a brief period, just let us know, and we can structure your loan accordingly. Businesses who qualify for our Bridging Loans can receive up to 65% off our standard rates.

What’s more, we appreciate responsible borrowing and timely repayment, so we offer discounts for settling loans early. By taking advantage of this incentive, you can save on interest while still addressing your short-term financing needs.

What can I use the funds for?

You can you use the funds for any business purpose. Our customers generally use the funds for:
- expansions, renovations and unexpected repairs
- purchasing stock, inventory and equipment
- marketing
- hiring employees
- expenses and investments
- cash flow and growth

What are the interest rates, and how are they determined?

The interest charged by Bizcap on business loans is determined by a factor rate, which is a fixed fee that is applied over the term of the business loan. The factor rate Bizcap applies to your loan takes into account your business’s creditworthiness, the duration of the loan and the intended use of the funds, and therefore varies from one loan to the next.

As you build a relationship with Bizcap, demonstrating your ability to reliably and punctually pay off your loan, the factor rate will likely decrease.