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Bizcap Wins WeMoney Award for Outstanding Customer Service - Business Loans in 2024
“Bizcap demonstrates excellent customer experience above and beyond the traditional realms of service or lending,” says WeMoney CEO.
Australia’s Most Open-Minded Lender: How Bizcap Offers Faster, More Flexible Loans to Small Businesses
Plus: Why Bizcap’s broker support and referral options makes it stand out among other lenders.
Bad Credit? No Problem: How Bizcap Says “Yes” More Often
When other lenders look for reasons to decline loan applications, Bizcap seeks out ways to fund them. It's one of the reasons we're the most open-minded lender in Australia and New Zealand.
How Bizcap Helps Brokers Diversify their Product Offerings
Also: two important factors that set Bizcap apart from other lenders.
In the News: Bizcap Launches Two New SME Financing Solutions
Our launch of Bridging Finance and Line of Credit was covered in The Adviser, who highlighted the competitive edge brokers gain when accessing them for their clients.
Bizcap in 2023: Growth, Partnerships and Empowering Small Businesses
As we look back, we feel immense pride for the dedication of our people, the relationships with our partners and the incredible services we provided to our small business customers.
In the News: The Bizcap Approach to SME Lending
Abraham White, co-founder and joint managing director at Bizcap, recently caught up with Australian Broker to discuss the firm's pivotal role in SME lending.
How Australian Residential Brokers Can Benefit From Bizcap
With the SME lending industry valued at $20 billion, Australian residential brokers can diversify their income stream by partnering with Bizcap.
Why Bizcap is the Best Choice for Brokers Seeking to Fund Their Business Loan Clients
Brokers and finance professionals play a vital role in helping small businesses secure the financing they need. Find out why Bizcap is the best lender to partner with in Australasia.
In the News: Bizcap increases lending capacity in New Zealand to help more SMEs
Businesses struggling to secure loans from banks can now turn to Bizcap for quick finance, reports the New Zealand Adviser, as the non-bank lender increases its lending limit in New Zealand to $2M.
Bizcap's Largest Deal Ever Sets a New Standard for Business Lending
Bizcap the most open-minded lender in the Australian and New Zealand recently funded its largest ever deal in just under two days.
How Bizcap Can Help Brokers' SME Clients
As a Broker and/or Accountant, partnering with small businesses is one of the most important and rewarding roles you can play in your career. But how can Bizcap help?
Bizcap Invests in Relationships
Bizcap strengthens its partnerships by hiring Business Development Managers and an Account Executive, reaffirming its commitment to SMEs after experiencing 300% growth in the previous year.
How and When Bizcap Can Help Your Clients
Do you want to empower your clients? Look no further! We work with brokers and clients to provide businesses with timely support through Bizcap's quick and flexible Small Business Loans.