Bizcap has made a raft of appointments to strengthen its partnerships team, as the business lender aims to become the solution of choice for finance brokers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, accountants and other professionals whose clients need financial assistance.

The partnerships team has been bolstered since the turn of the year with the addition of Business Development Managers Kim Tran, formerly of Moula, and ex-insurance underwriter Issac Garson.

They will be supported by Account Executive Jamie Crooks, who has experience in novated leasing and has also worked for Macquarie and Yellow Brick Road. The trio joins a team headed by industry staple Kama Atcheson, and supported by other SLT members including Head of Operations Adam Szental and Head of Marketing & Development Rebecca del Rio.

“As a business, we’re proud to have been able to help so many businesses across Australia with short-term funding when other lenders weren’t able to help them,” says Abrahram White, Joint Managing Director and Co-Founder at Bizcap.

“Over the past 18 months, we’ve partnered with many different referral partners, including brokers and other financial professionals – as well as other lenders – to help provide a simple and fast solution for their clients.

“The people we’ve appointed to the partnerships team have vast experience in the world of finance and related sectors, have great networks already established, and have the drive to grow them significantly.”

Growth underlines Bizcap’s belief in Aussie SMEs

Bizcap’s proposition as Australian’s most open-minded lender is underlined by a 300 per cent growth over the past 12 months, at a time when many traditional and non-bank lenders were pulling back and putting tighter credit restrictions in place.

The lender has helped thousands of SME owners get access to capital with speed and ease so they can ‘move fast and confidently, and many of these customers have been referred to Bizcap by financially-minded professionals.

Kama Atcheson, Head of Partnerships at Bizcap, says, “We always try our utmost to provide capital to businesses wherever possible, and that’s a compelling proposition for a broker, accountant or another lender to refer their client to.

“More than half of our onboarded brokers opt to have our in-house team of loan specialists contact their clients on their behalf, which takes out the ‘knowledge requirement’ from the referrers and eases the learning curve of the Bizcap product.”

And, in an SME lending market estimated to be worth $25bn, that can be fruitful.

Regardless of whether the referrer uses Bizcap’s inhouse team or not, they still receive the same commission, paid weekly every Monday – which also helps the cash flow of their own businesses too.

Helping brokers’ business

From a referrer’s perspective, Bizcap’s solution has been extremely valuable in order to provide clients with an attractive solution.

Mhairi MacLeod, Owner and Principal Broker at Astute Ability Group, Erina, NSW, says, “While all the lenders have had to change policies due to COVID-19, we were able to continue providing our clients with solutions thanks to Bizcap.

“As a broker, it is crucial to have options to provide to our clients, and Bizcap has been able to deliver with speed.”

Being able to quickly access reliable finance for clients also is hugely beneficial to a broker’s business. Yuan Chong, Finance Partner at Zetara Finance Partners in Gladesville, NSW, says, “As a specialist in non-bank business finance, our ability to stay on the frontline in terms supporting the growth of dynamic businesses has been made possible thanks to Bizcap’s funding solutions.

“Together, we have made it possible for businesses to grow throughout these times where others haven’t.”

Bizcap’s Atcheson says, “We pride ourselves on being easy for our partners and our direct clients to work with. Our whole business is built on the ethos of supporting small to medium businesses wherever and whenever we can – and that includes our referral partners’ businesses as well as our end clients’.”

To speak with Bizcap’s partnership team about referral opportunities and how Bizcap can help your clients, call 1300 922 223 or email