We are barely two months into 2024 and Bizcap has already made big strides in growing our business, launching two new products and increasing the size of loans we offer. So, what’s all the excitement about? Let's dive in.

New Products Launched

We’ve launched two new lending solutions that promise to reshape the financial landscape for our customers: Bridging Finance and Line of Credit.

1. Bridging Finance: Bizcap's Bridging Finance is a game-changer for businesses facing temporary financial gaps. Whether it's managing cash flow whilst waiting for the settlement on the sale of a large asset or property, or whether it’s the desire to seize an opportunity to buy stock at a heavily discounted rate whilst waiting for invoices to be settled, Bridging Finance offers the solution. 

With Bizcap, businesses can now access funds at an unprecedented speed, getting $150,000 to $5 million in the bank in as little as 24 hours. What’s more, they can get those funds at heavily discounted rates – up to 65% compared with our standard solutions. Find out more here.

2. Line of Credit: Say goodbye to cash flow worries and hello to a world of opportunity with Bizcap's new Line of Credit. This flexible financial solution puts funds at your fingertips whenever your business needs them. Whether businesses are looking to manage cash flow, seize growth opportunities, or handle unexpected expenses, Bizcap's Line of Credit empowers them to thrive.

The added benefit of Bizcap’s Line of Credit is its ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of one’s business, offering unparalleled convenience and control. Find out more here.

Loans of $5M:

To further empower businesses in their growth journey, Bizcap is proud to announce an increase in the size of loans we offer to an impressive $5 million – at least $4 million more than other non-bank SME lenders. This expanded lending capacity allows businesses of all sizes to access the capital they need to fuel their growth, undertake ambitious projects, and chase opportunities with confidence. Learn more here.

Easier Than Ever to Find the Right Loan for You

There are a lot of loans out there and it can be hard to identify which loan is best for your business or SME client. That’s why we’ve made understanding our products simpler, breaking each solution down in a simple table.

Whether it's a fast loan to plug cash-flow gaps, a small business loan to support growth, bridging finance at significantly reduced rates or any of our other solutions, you can use the table to see the loan amounts and terms, eligibility criteria and various other details. Take a look here and see how easy it is to match a small business loan to your business or SME client’s needs.

Bizcap's commitment to saying “yes” more often is reflected in these new developments. As we continue to evolve with the changing needs of businesses, our goal remains clear: to empower SMEs with fast access to funds, even if they have existing loans or don’t have the “perfect” credit score. And with such remarkable achievements by February, the rest of 2024 is sure to be a year to remember!