The Challenge

A husband-and-wife team behind a New Zealand bakery-café were looking to grow the business and increase their customer base. Following several years of operation, during which they experienced the hardships of Covid-19 lockdowns, their clients recommended a substantial refurbishment of their premises and the replacement of outdated equipment.

The Bizcap Difference

After searching online for a solution, they approached Bizcap for a loan and quickly secured $25,000 after chatting with Paul, a loan specialist.

Everything was simple and easy with Bizcap

Once they showed that they could reliably pay off their first facility, the couple secured a further $12,500 loan from Bizcap.

The Outcome

With those funds, the bakery-café owners purchased equipment and renovated their space, increasing the capacity of patrons that could fit into the establishment. These changes, along with a series of positive customer reviews that followed, drove a surge in popularity of the business, which saw both revenue and profit margins increase by double digits.

By taking out the loan, we can repay small amounts regularly and it doesn’t impact our cash flow as we’ve got money coming in every day

Their future goals include expanding their pie production arm and distributing their products wholesale, for which they intend to use Bizcap’s ongoing support.