The Australian SME lending landscape is evolving, with traditional banks making way for innovative lenders like Bizcap. With the SME lending industry valued at $20 billion, Australian residential brokers can diversify their portfolios effectively. Real-world successes showcase Bizcap’s impact, offering swift and tailored financing solutions across various industries. By partnering with Bizcap, brokers can earn lucrative commissions and expand their customer base, offering obligation-free quotes and approvals. With a strong Trust Pilot rating and a track record of satisfied clients, Bizcap offers a seamless path to unlocking new opportunities for Australian residential brokers in the ever-changing real estate market.

The Australian SME Lending Landscape

The lending landscape for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Australia is undergoing a significant transformation. Traditional banks, which were once the primary source of financing, are no longer the sole option. Innovative lenders like Bizcap have emerged, offering an alternative path to financing success.

Real-World Successes – Bizcap in Action

Bizcap’s impact is best illustrated through real-world success stories, see below the various industries Bizcap has empowered:

Empowering the Mining Industry

Imagine a mining client with an annual turnover of $4,000,000 looking to purchase a commercial property for business expansion. The challenge? Traditional banks demanded full tax debt payment for approval. Bizcap stepped in with a swift $225,000 non-asset backed deal, processed and funded within just 4 business hours, making that expansion a reality.

Boosting Hospitality Expansion

Consider a hospitality enterprise with a $1,000,000 annual turnover eyeing the neighbouring store to double its revenue, necessitating a fit-out. The challenge? Limited to 12 months of trade, whereas many lenders require 24 months. Bizcap came to the rescue with a streamlined $40,000 non-asset backed deal, settled in a mere 3 business hours, allowing the expansion to proceed seamlessly.

Constructing Success in Construction

Now, picture a construction business boasting an impressive $20,000,000 annual turnover. More projects beckoned, but they needed cash for staffing and equipment. The challenge? Many lenders shy away from the construction sector, especially for larger loan amounts. Bizcap provided a robust $800,000 secured deal, wrapped up in 8 business hours, secured against an existing property, enabling the construction firm to thrive.

Establishing the Foundation

Trust is the Cornerstone

Australian residential brokers are already trusted advisors for homes. However, there’s untapped potential among self-employed customers. Building trust and expanding portfolios is the key.

Tapping into a Lucrative Market

By partnering with Bizcap, brokers have the potential to unlock trail commissions while benefiting from a lender that boasts a remarkable 63% customer repeat rate.

The Strategy

A Seamless Partnership

Partnering with Bizcap means maximising customer wallet share. Brokers can experience industry-leading processes that ensure ease and speed, whether they prefer a click-and-flick approach or high-touch Business Development Manager (BDM) support.

The Benefits

With Bizcap, brokers provide obligation-free quotes and approvals, allowing them to diversify with confidence, supporting almost every industry.

The Offering

Unveiling Bizcap’s Offerings

Bizcap offers non-asset backed loans up to $500,000 and secured loans up to $4,000,000. Brokers can choose from daily or weekly repayments and loan durations ranging from 3 to 12 months.

Advantages for Brokers

Brokers can enjoy lucrative commissions: 5% on New Deals and 2.5% on Renewals. Bizcap’s high customer repeat rate ensures recurring revenue.

Take the Next Step

Ready to Unlock New Opportunities?

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