Last month, Bizcap celebrated its fifth anniversary and achieved a significant milestone, reaching $950 million in funded loans. This achievement underscores our commitment to empowering businesses with the financial support they need to thrive.

In five years, Bizcap has:

  • Grown from a small startup to a scaleup of nearly 100 employees
  • Funded $950 million in loans to small and medium-sized businesses
  • Partnered with thousands of brokers and advisers to support their clients
  • Achieved a consistent 4.9/5 TrustPilot rating
  • Introduced a range of financial solutions, including loans of $5000 to $5 million and, most recently, Bridging Finance and Line of Credit
  • Supported SMEs across various industries and risk parameters to seize growth opportunities and weather storms
  • Delivered lending solutions across oceans, from Australia to New Zealand and now, the United Kingdom

As an open-minded lender, Bizcap has stood by our commitment to saying “yes” more often, supporting SMEs when other lenders wouldn’t.

We have been able to achieve this thanks to our unique credit model, which takes into account both qualitative and quantitative factors to gain a holistic view of our customers’ financial situations and opportunities. By relying on the good judgement of our skilled and experienced team, rather than algorithms and rigid criteria, we remain flexible in our approach to assessing loan applications and offering lending solutions.

Bizcap has also stood out as a uniquely flexible lender, incentivizing early repayments with discounts and offering superior customer service, supporting brokers and business owners throughout their journey.

As we mark our five-year anniversary and the achievements we’ve made to date, we look forward with confidence and ambition, excited to see what the future holds.