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Need a Bad Credit Business Loan? – Bizcap can help!

Check out the reasons why Bizcap may be the best for your situation:

1. Banks only look at credit score for bad credit business loans – we don’t!

Are you looking for a business loan but are struggling to get one because of a bad credit score? Thousands of businesses across Australia are stuck in this position because Banks and traditional financial institutions will not provide them finance. Traditional lenders rely on credit scores. If you do not meet a credit score criteria of 500 plus – you will not get a loan with a bank.

The double-edged sword is the more credit enquiries you have, the lower your credit score falls. The majority of private lenders and banks make a credit score enquiry each time you apply, meaning shopping around for a Small Business Loan could be doing your credit score a fair bit of damage!!

Thats where we come in. Bizcap is Australia’s most open minded lender and will give you a chance irrespective of your credit score.  We realise many Small Business Owners have unique circumstances – especially on the back of the impacts that Covid-19. We only make a credit check once the loan is already approved.

2. The Bizcap approach to bad credit business loans – no credit enquiry!

Unlike other lenders, we can assess your file for a Small Business Loan without running a credit enquiry and have no minimum credit score requirements.

We have helped thousands of Small Business Owners get access to a business loan irrespective of their business or personal credit score, regardless of if they’ve been declined by another lender before and are considered to have a bad credit score.

We don’t penalise someone’s previous efforts to succeed; we focus on supporting our customer’s current position and ensuring they have the capital they need to grow and succeed in the Australian small business market. That’s why instead of looking at a credit score, we look at the strength of your business, your cash flow and general cash management.


Want a Bad Credit Business loan today?

Bizcap truly is Australia’s most open-minded lender; we can provide you with access to capital up to $1,000,000 to SMEs Australia wide within just a few hours.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Getting A Business Loan With A Bad Credit Score, Made Simple, With Bizcap

We make it easy so you can focus on your business
Online Application

Apply online and get assigned a Loan Specialist to help you through the application process. This take under 10 minutes.

Efficient Assessment

Once we recieve your file, our credit team review your application and provide you with an outcome within just 1 hour

Receive Funds

Once approved and you accept,  you can have the funds in your account within 3 hours of approval.

What can I use a Bad Credit Business Loan for?

At Bizcap, we help Australian small business owners get access to the capital they need to grow fast!

  General Cashflow

  Expand your business

  Shop fit-outs and refurbishments

  Cover tax / BAS lump payments

  Invest in technology or software

  Buy a new business vehicle

  Expansions, renovations and unexpected repairs

  Purchase sock, machinery and equipment


  Hire employess and pay wages

  Pay expenses

  Any other business related use

Fast and flexible loans to grow your business even with bad credit

Move fast, confidently

Fill out a application form, upload your statements and get a decision within an hour & funds within 3 hours

High Approval Rates

We’re Australia’s most open-minded lender and can often help even if you’ve been declined by others before

Cash Flow Friendly Repayments

Once you have your loan with Bizcap, we organise daily or weekly repayments based on your businesses peaks and troughs

What our clients are saying about our bad credit business loans?

When in a hurry to purchase equipment Bizcap are the ones I go to. Everything is smooth and quick from start to finish. Application is easy, just a quick phone call away. Highly recommend Bizcap

– Robert

Quick and efficient! Had the funds required within 4 hours of application. Paul was fantastic to deal with and explained everything very clearly.

– Graham

I’m so happy with the service and speed that Bizcap provided! I had been messed around by another lender for a few weeks, when I enquired with Bizcap they sorted me with the funds in a few hours. Would recommend them to anyone wanting an actual outcome!

-Dianne Lowe

Such efficient, fast service. Thank you very much.

– Tanya

FAQs About Bizcap

Bad Credit Business Loans

How can I get a business loan if I have a bad credit score?
Talk to us; we’re one of the only lenders in Australia that can help customers with bad credit scores. Most lenders have a credit score minimum of 500, which leaves a lot of business owners without assistance. Bizcap assesses each application on an individual basis so is able to assist no matter what your credit score.
Do I need good personal credit to get a business loan?

Generally for banks yes, for Bizcap customers no. We assess each customer based on their individual circumstances.

How do I repair my credit score?
So you know where to start, it’s worth checking your business credit score first. Once you know your score, you know what you’re working with and can get the information you need to raise your score, including which accounts are negatively affecting your report and any disputable items on the report.
Steps to increase your business credit score:
  1. Pay your bills on time
  2. Decrease your credit utilisation ratio
  3. Establish credit accounts with suppliers
  4. Add positive payment experiences to your credit file
  5. Ensure you dispute any errors
  6. Maintain a healthy balance to avoid issues with bounces and late fees
What's a business credit score?
A business credit score is similar to that of a personal credit score. Credit reporting agencies use various methods to calculate your creditworthiness. It could be made up of; outstanding balances with creditors, your repayment history, trade experiences and your ability to repay payments on time. Often credit score companies are linked to debt collection services so they can identify who is and isn’t paying their bills on time.
Credit scores are broken down into categories, ranging from Poor (0-509) to Excellent (833-1200), many lenders won’t be able to assist you with a business loan if your score is below average, Bizcap doesn’t have a credit score minimum.
Can I get a business loan with a 500 credit score?
Yes it’s still possible to, especially with Bizcap. While many lenders may only consider you if you have an above-average credit score, Bizcap will assist you regardless of your credit score. In fact, we have helped customers with credit scores below 100.
What credit score is needed for a business loan?
We can help SMEs with Credit Scores from 1 all the way up to 1200.
How do you check your business credit score?
In business, knowledge is power. We recommend heading to Equifax to check your business credit score.
Can you still get a business loan with bad credit?
Yes you can; Bizcap provides many Small Business Owners with access to a business loan even if they have bad credit scores. To be eligible for a business loan with Bizcap you need to have at least $10,000 in monthly revenue, be operating for at least 6 months and have an active ABN.
I already have a loan with another lender, can Bizcap help me?
Absolutely. Many of our clients have loans with other lenders.
How are repayments structured?
Repayments are made weekly or daily over the term of the loan, which can be anything from three to 12 months.

Real Customers with Low Credit Scores, getting a
loan with Bizcap

Industry Beauty
Loan Size $30,000
Loan Use Expansion
Turn Around Time 5 Hours
Credit Score 332
State VIC
Industry Construction
Loan Size $75,000
Loan Use Cashflow
Turn Around Time 3 hours
Credit Score 479
State VIC
Industry Manufacturing
Loan Size $322,000
Loan Use Inventory
Turn around time 3 hours
Credit Score 487
State QLD

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