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How quickly can I get funds into my account?

At Bizcap, we pride ourselves on providing fast and flexible business loans. Applications for a Bizcap Fast and Small Business Loans can be approved within 3 hours and funded that day. Our other solutions can be issued in as little 24 hours. If you need funds sooner, let our Loan Specialist (or Business Development Manager for partners) know and we can fast track your application.

Delays can occur when customers provide partial or inaccurate information or supporting documents. To ensure your loan is processed as quickly as possible, be sure to provide accurate and complete information.

How can Bizcap fund loans faster than other lenders?

Bizcap sets itself apart from other lenders in the speed at which we offer business loans. We can do because we are a direct lender and self-funded, which cuts the red tape that’s typically involved in processing loans, and thanks to our streamlined application, approval and end-to-end processes.

Traditional banks can often take weeks to provide an outcome for a business loan application. Non-bank lenders, while generally faster than banks, can still take several days to process fast business loans. In contrast, Bizcap can grant you access to the capital you need in less than 24 hours. This exceptional speed makes Bizcap the fastest business lender in Australia and New Zealand.

What can I use the funds for?

You can you use the funds for any business purpose. Our customers generally use the funds for:

  1. expansions, renovations and unexpected repairs
  2. purchasing stock, inventory and equipment
  3. marketing
  4. hiring employees
  5. expenses and investments
  6. cash flow and growth

How are loans repaid and how are repayments structured?

Loans are repaid through daily or weekly direct debits from the business’s bank account (excluding weekends and holidays) for the term of the loan, which can range from 3 to 12 months.

Can I repay my business loan early?

Yes, you can repay your Bizcap business loan early. Unlike other lenders, if you want to make extra repayments or pay off your Bizcap loan early, we won’t charge you any fees. In fact, we can offer discounts to businesses who settle their loan early.

Bizcap’s business loans are designed to be fast and flexible, in order to meet the unique financial needs of each business. If you know that you’ll only need a loan for a short period, let your Loan Specialist know and they will tailor the offer to suit your needs.

I have a loan with Bizcap, but I need access to more funds. Can you help?

YIf you already have a loan with Bizcap and wish to access additional funds, we can often help. It’s not uncommon for businesses to require additional financial support as they grow or encounter unexpected expenses.

If you would like to access more funds, reach out to your Loan Specialist to discuss your options. We will evaluate your financial situation and ability to repay the loan when assessing whether you are eligible for additional funding.