Luxury Furniture Company

How Bizcap Helped a Luxury Furniture Company in Victoria Overcome Financial Difficulties and Achieve Success

The world of luxury furniture is a highly competitive one, and for an Australian company based in Victoria, it can be even more challenging to stand out from the crowd. However, for 7 years, this company had been doing just that – crafting high-end pieces of furniture, which in turn made them a household name in the industry. But like many businesses, cashflow was an issue, that was, until they found Bizcap.

Bizcap is a small business loan provider that specialises in helping companies like this one, overcome financial barriers and grow their business. By offering quick and easy access to business loans, Bizcap allows companies to seize new opportunities and achieve their goals. And that’s exactly what this furniture company did.

The company applied for a business loan with Bizcap, and the process was straightforward and seamless. The short term loan amount requested was $100,000, which would be used to purchase new inventory and increase their production capabilities. In only a few hours, the team assessed the business’ financial position, and the loan application was approved. The funds ($95,000) were transferred to their account, within the day!

With the extra funds, the company was able to increase their production capabilities and meet the demands of their customers.

The success of this furniture company is a testament to the power of business loans and how they can help companies overcome financial barriers and reach new heights. Bizcap not only provided the loan, but also the support needed for the company to succeed. The process was quick, easy, and most importantly, it allowed the company to take their business to the next level!

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