Health Services Company

Achieving Health Services Success with the Help of Bizcap: A Real-Life Example

Starting and growing a business is never easy, and the health services industry is no exception. This was the case for a health services provider based in New South Wales that had been in operation for 2 years, but was struggling with business financing. Despite the company’s efforts to expand their services and customer base, they found themselves facing financial difficulties that threatened the very existence of their business.

The company’s monthly turnover was $575,000 but they found themselves in need of working capital to bridge the gap between their expenses and their income.

That’s when they discovered Bizcap! The company applied for a short term loan and within 24 hours, we extended a $405,000 loan. With Bizcap’s quick and efficient loan process, the company was able to secure the working capital they needed to keep their business running.

One of the things that impressed the company most about Bizcap was the personalized approach to lending. The company’s loan application was handled by a dedicated Account Manager who took the time to understand their specific needs, and tailored a loan package to suit them. This level of personalisation and flexibility was crucial in helping the company overcome their financial shortfall and continue their success.

With the working capital provided by Bizcap, the company was able to purchase additional medical equipment and expand their services, which in turn led to an increase in revenue and customer base. Additionally, it allowed the company to meet the demands of their growing customer base, and improve the credibility/reputation for the company. This helped to solidify their position as a leading provider of health services in the region.

The company’s experience with Bizcap demonstrates the importance of having access to the right financial support when running a business. Without the working capital provided by Bizcap, the company would have struggled to keep their operations running, let alone expand their services and grow their customer base.

Bizcap has proven to be a valuable partner for thousands of businesses looking for quick and efficient loan solutions.

The personalised approach to lending and 24-hour approval process makes us an ideal partner for any business. This case study is just one example of the many SMEs that have been able to close their financial shortfall with the help of Bizcap.

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